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The seminar library of the International Relations Department caters to the needs of the  students as well as the faculty. The seminar library has more than 3000 books on various topics, besides this the library also subscribes to 15 research journals. The timings of the library are from 9 am to 5 pm

The Computer Lab

The Computer Lab of the International Relationals Department has been setup with the assistance of the Ford Foundation's project "Peace by Process". The lab houses more than 10 pcs connected via a network to the main server. All pcs have an internet connection via the LAN. All the pcs have multimedia accessories and lazer printers. The timings of the computer lab are 9 am to 3 pm. Internet browsing is free to all the faculty members and research assistants.

Available Data

The Department of International Relations has an extensive data of events shaping up in South East Asia and the Middle East.. The data is in the form of chronologies. The chronologies can be downloaded from the Ford Foundation project website at www.irdford.edu.pk. in the form of MS Word documents.


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